Red Amber List

Guidance in the Red / Amber List serves ONLY to define where clinical and prescribing responsibility for the listed medicines should lie in terms of governance and safety.

  • Inclusion in this list does NOT imply the medicine has been accepted for use via Managed Entry, does NOT imply endorsement of use, and does NOT take account of the cost implications of use of a particular medicine.
  • Prescribers should use this list in conjunction with guidance on the Managed entry process for medicines, and the NI formulary which includes information on current cost effective choices.
  • For information relating to the Local Enhanced Service (NILES) relating to Additional Monitoring of Amber Drugs click here
  • As far as possible, new specialist medicines are added to the list at the point when they are granted a UK product licence. In some instances this may be prior to the medicine being launched.

The table below lists specialist medicines. Users should search by generic name where possible. Brand names listed are not exhaustive.

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Approved NameExample Trade NamesContextStatusGuidanceNew Entry
5 Aminolaevulinic acid gel Ameluz Red
Abacavir Red
Abacavir with dolutegravir and lamivudine Triumeq Red
Abacavir with lamivudine Kivexa Red
Abacavir with lamivudine and zidovudine Trizivir Red
Abatacept Orencia Red
Abemaciclib Red
Abiraterone Zytiga Red
Abrocitinib Cibinqo Red
Acalabrutinib Calquence Red
Acitretin Neotigason Red
Adalimumab Humira Red
Adefovir Hepsera Red
Afamelanotide Scenesse Red
Afatinib Tomtovok Red
Aflibercept Eylea, Zaltrap. Red
Agomelatine Valdoxan Amber status only applies to cover the required monitoring during the first 24 weeks of treatment after which time the arrangement can be stepped down Amber Shared Care Guideline in development
Alectinib Alecensa Red
Alemtuzumab MabCampath, Lemtrada Red
Alipogene tiparvovec Glybera Red
Alirocumab Praluent Amber GP Information Sheet
Alitretinoin Toctino Red
Alpelisib Red
Alprostadil Caverject, MUSE, Viridal Duo, Vitaros Erectile dysfunction - severe distress category only Red
Ambrisentan Volibris Red
Amifampridine Firdapse Red
Amikacin Inhaled Arikayce Red
Amiodarone Cordarone X Amber Amiodarone Shared Care Guideline
Amivantamab Rybrevant Red
Anagrelide Xagrid Red
Anakinra Kineret Red
Anti-lymphocyte immunoglobulin (horse) Atgam Red
Antibiotics (IV/parenteral) Except when for emergency use in doctors’ bags such as Benzylpenicillin or Cefotaxime Or IV antibiotics prescribed as part of a GP Enhanced Service that is supported by Trust Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) services or similar services. Red
Antiretrovirals Red
Apalutamide Erleada Red
Apomorphine APO-go Amber Apomorphine Shared Care Guideline
Apremilast Otezla Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Arachis hypogaea Palforzia Red
Argatroban Exembol Red
Arsenic Trisenox Red
Asciminib Scemblix Red
Asfotase alfa Strensiq Red
Ataluren Translarna Red
Atazanavir Red
Atazanavir (with cobicistat) Evotaz Red
Atezolizumab Tecentriq Red
Atomoxetine Strattera Amber Atomoxetine Shared Care Guideline
Avacopan Tavneos Red
Avalglucosidase alfa Nexviadyme Red
Avanafil Spedra Erectile dysfunction - severe distress category only Red
Avapritinib Ayvakit Red
Avatrombopag Doptelet Red
Avelumab Bavencio Red
Axicabtagene ciloleucel Red
Axitinib Inlyta Red
Azacitadine Vidaza Red
Azathioprine Imuran Immunosuppressant post transplantation Amber Azathioprine Post Transplant Shared Care Guideline
Azathioprine Imuran Non transplant indications Amber Azathioprine (Other Non-Transplant Indications) Shared Care Guideline
Aztreonam (Inhaled) Cayston Inhaled for chronic pulmonary infections Red
Baricitinib Olumiant Red
Bedaquiline Sirturo Red
Belantamab mafodotin Blenrep Red NEW
Belimumab Benlysta Red
Belzutifan Welireg Red
Benralizumab Red
Berotralstat Orladeyo Red
Betaine Cystadane Amber GP Information sheet
Bevacizumab Avastin Red
Bexarotene Targretin Red
Bezlotoxumab Zinplava Red
Bicalutamide Casodex Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Bictegravir + emtricitabine + tenofovir alafenamide Biktarvy Red
Bimekizumab Bimzelx Red
Binimetinib Red
Blinatumomab Blincyto Red
Boceprevir Victrelis Red
Bortezomib Velcade Red
Bosentan Tracleer Red
Bosutinib Bosulif Red
Botulinum toxin type A and B various brands For all uses except cosmetic Red
Brentuximab Adcetris Red
Brigatinib Alunbrig Red
Brodalumab Kyntheum Red
Bromelain Nexobrid Red
Burosumab Crysvita Red
Buserelin Suprecur, Suprefact When used for treatment of infertility Red
Busulfan Myleran Red
C1 esterase inhibitor Cinryze, Berinert Red
Cabergoline Cabaser Amber Cabergoline Neurology Shared Care Guideline
Cabergoline Dostinex Amber Cabergoline Endocrinology Shared Care Guideline
Cabotegravir Red
Cabozantinib Cometriq Red
Canakinumab Ilaris Red
Cannabidiol (as Epidyolex) Lennox Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome Red
Cannabis buccal mucosal spray Sativex Red
CAPD Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis solutions Red
Capecitabine Xeloda Red
Caplacizumab Red
Capsaicin patch Qutenza Red
Carfilzomib Kyprolis Red
Cemiplimab Libtayo Red
Ceritinib Zykadia Red
Certolizumab pegol Cimzia Red
Cetrorelix Cetrotide Red
Chenodeoxycholic acid Xenbilox Red
Chlorambucil Leukeran Red
Chloroquine Nivaquine Non-malaria indications Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Choriogonadotropin Ovitrelle Infertility Red
Chorionic gonadotrophin Choragon, Pregnyl Infertility Red
Ciclosporin Neoral Immunosuppressant post transplantation Amber Ciclosporin Post Transplant Shared Care Guideline
Ciclosporin Neoral Non transplant indications Amber Ciclosporin (Non-Transplant Indications) Shared Care Guideline
Cinacalcet Mimpara Amber Cinacalcet Shared Care Guideline
Cladribine Mavenclad Multiple sclerosis Red
Clomifene Clomid Amber Clomifene Shared Care Guideline
Clonidine ADHD and other behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for Info)
Clozapine Clozaril Red
Cobicistat Tybost Red
Cobimetinib Cotellic Red
Colistimethate sodium (Inhaled) Colomycin Amber Colistimethate Shared Care Guideline
Collagenase clostridium histolyticum Xiapex Red
Conestat alfa Ruconest Red
Crizanlizumab Adakveo Red
Crizotinib Xalkori Red
Cyclophosphamide When used as a systemic anti-cancer therapy Red
Cyclophosphamide (oral) Non-cancer indications Amber Cyclophosphamide Shared Care Guideline
Cytarabine and daunorubicin liposomal Red
Cytotoxics IV various examples Red
Dabrafenib Tafinlar Red
Daclatasvir Daklinza Red
Daclizumab Zinbryta Red
Dacomitinib Vizimpro Red
Dalteparin sodium Fragmin Amber
Dapsone Dermatology / Immunology Amber Dapsone Shared Care Guideline
Daratumumab Darzalex Red
Darbepoetin Aranesp Amber Local Arrangements For Shared Care May Apply (click for info)
Darolutamide Nubeqa Red
Darunavir Red
Darunavir + cobicistat Rezolsta Red
Darunavir + cobicistat + emtricitabine + tenofovir alafenamide Symtuza Red
Dasabuvir Exviera Red
Dasatinib Sprycel Red
Deferasirox Exjade Red
Deferiprone Ferriprox Red
Defibrotide Defitelio Red
Delamanid Deltyba Red
Demeclocycline SIADH Amber Demeclocycline Shared Care Guideline
Denosumab Prolia Osteoporosis Amber Denosumab (Prolia) Shared Care Guideline
Denosumab Xgeva Bone metastases from solid tumours; giant cell tumour of bone Red
Desferrioxamine Desferal Chronic iron overload Amber No Shared care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Desferrioxamine Desferal Treatment of iron poisoning Red
Deucravacitinib Sotyktu Red NEW
Dexamethasone Implant Ozurdex Intravitreal injection route Red
Dexamfetamine Dexedrine Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children 6 years and over, within NICE recommended doses, and for use in narcolepsy. Amber Dexamfetamine Shared care Guideline
Dexamfetamine Dexedrine Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children under 6 years, or doses over NICE recommended doses Red
Dimethyl fumarate Skilarence Psoriasis Amber Dimethyl fumarate (Skilarence) shared care guideline
Dimethyl Fumarate Tecfidera Multiple sclerosis Red
Dinutuximab Unituxin Red
Diroximel fumarate Vumerity Red
Dolutegravir Tivicay Red
Dolutegravir + abacavir + lamivudine Triumeq Red
Dolutegravir + rilpivirine Juluca Red
Doravirine Pifeltro Red
Doravirine + lamivudine + tenofovir disoproxil fumarate Delstrigo Red
Dornase alfa Pulmozyme Amber No Shared Care guideline required (Click for info)
Dostarlimab Jemperli Red
Dronedarone Multaq Amber Dronedarone Shared Care Guideline
Dupilumab Dupixent Red
Durvalumab Red
Duvelisib Copiktra Red
Eculizumab Soliris Red
Efavirenz Red
Efavirenz with emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil Red
Efmoroctocog alfa Elocta Red
Eliglustat Cerdelga Red
Elosulfase alfa Vimizim Red
Elotuzumab Empliciti Red
Eltrombopag Revolade Red
Elvitegravir Vitekta Red
Elvitegravir with cobicistat, emtricitabine and tenofovir alafenamide Stribild Red
Elvitegravir with cobicistat, emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil Genvoya Red
Emicizumab Red
Emtricitabine Emtriva Red
Emtricitabine + tenofovir alafenamide Descovy Red
Emtricitabine with rilpivirine and tenofovir alafenamide Odefsey Red
Emtricitabine with rilpivirine and tenofovir disoproxil Eviplera Red
Emtricitabine with tenofovir disoproxil Red
Emtricitabine, tenofovir, elvitegravir, cobicistat Stribild Red
Encorafenib Red
Enfortumab vedotin Padcev Red
Enfuvirtide Fuzeon Red
Enoxaparin Clexane Amber Enoxaparin Shared Care Guideline
Entecavir Baraclude Red
Entrectinib Red
Enzalutamide Xtandi Red
Epoetin Eprex, NeoRecormon Amber Local Arrangements For Shared Care May Apply
Epoprostenol Flolan Red
Eptinezumab Vyepti Red
Erenumab Aimovig Amber GP Information Sheet
Eribulin Halaven Red
Erlotinib Tarceva Red
Esketamine Spravato Red
Estramustine Estracyt Red
Etanercept Enbrel Red
Etelcalcetide Parsabiv Red
Etoposide Vepesid Red
Etravirine Intelence Red
Everolimus Certican Post-transplant immunosuppressant Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Everolimus Afinitor, Votubia When used as a systemic anti-cancer therapy or for manifestations of tuberous sclerosis complex Red
Evolocumab Repatha Amber GP Information sheet
Fampridine Fampyra Red
Faricimab Vabysmo Red
Fenfluramine Fintepla Red
Filgotinib Jyseleca Red
Filgrastim Neupogen, Accofil, Zarzio Red
Fingolimod Gilenya Red
Fludarabine Fludara Red
Fluocinolone Intravitreal Implant Iluvien Red
Flutamide Drogenil Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Follitropin alfa, beta & delta Gonal-F, Puregon, Ovaleap, Bemfola, Pergoveris, Rekovelle Infertility Red
Fondaparinux Arixtra Amber
Fosamprenavir Telzir Red
Fostamatinib Tavlesse Red
Fremanezumab Ajovy Amber GP Information Sheet
Galcanezumab Emgality Amber GP information sheet
Galsulfase Naglazyme Red
Ganciclovir IV Cymevene Red
Ganirelix Orgalutran Infertility Red
Gefitinib Iressa Red
Gemtuzumab Mylotarg Red
Gilteritinib Xospata Red
Givosiran Givlaari Red
Glasdegib Red
Glatiramer acetate Copaxone Red
Glecaprevir + pibrentasvir Maviret Red
Glycerol phenylbutyrate Ravicti Amber GP Information Sheet
Golimumab Simponi Red
Gonadorelin analogues Suprecur, Suprefact, Prostap, Zoladex, Synarel, Decapeptyl When used for treatment of infertility. Red
Goserelin Zoladex When used for treatment of infertility Red
Grass pollen extract Grazax Amber GP Information Sheet
Grazoprevir + elbasvir Zepatier Red
Guanfacine Intuniv Amber Guanfacine Shared Care Guideline
Guselkumab Tremfya Red
House dust mite immunotherapy Acarizax Red
Human alpha1-proteinase inhibitor Respreeza Red
Human FVIII and Human VWF Voncento Red
Human menopausal gonadotrophins Menogon, Menopur Infertility Red
Human von Willebrand factor (VWF) Willfact Red
Hydroxycarbamide Hydrea Myeloproliferative disorders and other non-cancer indications. Amber Hydroxycarbamide Shared Care Guideline
Hydroxycarbamide Hydrea When used as a systemic anti cancer therapy Red
Hydroxychloroquine Plaquenil Amber Hydroxychloroquine Shared Care Guideline
Ibandronate IV injection Bonviva Red
Ibrutinib Imbruvica Red
Icatibant Firazyr Red
Idarubicin Zavedos Red
Idebenone Raxone Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Red
Idelalisib Zydelig Red
Idursulfase Elaprase Red
Iloprost Ilomedin, Ventavis Red
Imatinib Glivec Red
Imiglucerase Cerezyme Red
Immunoglobulin Cuvitru, Gammabulin, Gammagard, Kabiglobulin, Flebogamma, Sandoglobulin, Subcuvia, Vigam Specialist indications Red
Inclisiran Leqvio Red
Infliximab Remicade Red
Inotersen Tegsedi Red
Inotuzumab ozogamicin Besponsa Red
Interferon alfa Intron-A, Roferon-A Red
Interferon beta Avonex, Rebif, Betaferon Red
Interferon gamma Immukin Red
Ipilimumab Yervoy Red
Irinotecan Red
Iron (Parenteral) Monofer, Cosmofer, Venofer, Ferinject, Rienso Red
Isatuximab Sarclisa Red
Isavuconazole Cresemba Red
Isocarboxazid Isocarboxazid Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Isotretinoin Roaccutane Red
Itulazax Red
Ivabradine Procoralan Chronic heart failure NYHA class II to IV Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Ivacaftor Kalydeco Red
Ivacaftor + Tezacaftor + Elexacaftor Kaftrio Red
Ivosidenib Tibsovo Red
Ixazomib Ninlaro Red
Ixekizumab Taltz Red
Ketamine Ketalar, Ketamine oral solution Palliative Care (outside licence) Amber Ketamine Shared Care Guideline
Ketamine Ketalar, Ketamine oral solution Neuropathic pain Red
Ketanserin Sufrexal Red
Ketoconazole HRA Ketoconazole HRA HRA formulation (for Cushing's syndrome) only Red
L-Tryptophan Optimax Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Lamivudine Zeffix Red
Lamivudine with dolutegravir Dovato Red
Lamivudine with tenofovir disoproxil Red
Lamivudine with tenofovir disoproxil and doravirine Delstrigo Red
Lanadelumab Takhzyro Red
Lanreotide Somatuline Neuroendocrine tumours and acromegaly. Within licence Amber Lanreotide Shared Care Guideline
Lanreotide Somatuline Outside licence Red
Lapatinib Tyverb Red
Larotrectinib Vitrakvi Red
Leflunomide Arava Amber Leflunomide Shared Care Guideline
Lenacapavir Sunlenca Red
Lenalidomide Revlimid Red
Lenograstim Granocyte Red
Lenvatinib Lenvima Red
Letermovir Prevymis Red
Leuprorelin Prostap, Lutrate When used for treatment of infertility Red
Levofloxacin nebuliser solution Quinsair Red
Linezolid Zyvox Red
Liothyronine Management of thyroid disorders Amber Liothyronine Shared Care Guideline
Lipegfilgrastim Lonquex Red
Lisdexamfetamine Elvanse Amber Lisdexamfetamine Shared Care Guideline
Lithium Camcolit, Liskonum, Priadel Amber Lithium Shared Care Guideline
Lofexidine BritLofex Red
Lomitapide Lojuxta Red
Lomustine Red
Loncastuximab tesirine Zynlonta Red
Lopinavir + ritonavir Kaletra Red
Lorlatinib Lorviqua Red
Lumacaftor (with ivacaftor) Orkambi Red
Lumasiran Oxlumo Red
Luspatercept Reblozyl Red
Lusutrombopag Mulpleo Red
Lutetium (177Lu) vipivotide tetraxetan Pluvicto Red
Lutetium(177Lu) oxodotreotide Lutathera Red
Lutropin Luveris, Pergoveris Red
Macitentan Opsumit Red
Maraviroc Celsentri Red
Maribavir Livtencity Red
Mecasermin Increlex Red
Melatonin Amber Melatonin Shared Care Guideline
Melphalan Alkeran Red
Mepolizumab Nucala Red
Mercaptamine (oral) Cystagon, Procysbi Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Mercaptamine eyedrops Cystadrops Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Mercaptopurine For non-cancer indications Amber Mercaptopurine Shared Care Guideline
Mercaptopurine When used as a systemic anti-cancer therapy Red
Methotrexate oral For non-cancer indications Amber Methotrexate oral Shared Care Guideline
Methotrexate Subcutaneous (Metoject) For non-cancer indications Amber Methotrexate subcutaneous Shared Care Guideline
Methotrexate oral When used as a systemic anti-cancer therapy Red
Methotrexate parenteral (other than subcutaneous) All indications Red
Methyl aminolevulinate cream Metvix Red
Methylphenidate Ritalin, Equasym, Concerta XL, Delmosart For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children 6 years and over, within NICE recommended doses. Amber Methylphenidate Shared Care Guideline
Methylphenidate Ritalin, Equasym, Concerta XL, Delmosart For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children under 6 years, or doses over NICE recommended doses. Red
Metreleptin Myalepta Red
Mexiletine Non-proprietary Cardiology Amber Shared Care Guideline In Development
Midostaurin Red
Migalastat Galfold Red
Miglustat Zavesca Red
Mitotane Lysodren Red
Mobocertinib Exkivity Red
Moclobemide Manerix Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Modafinil Provigil Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Mogamulizumab Poteligeo Red
Monacog alfa BeneFix Red
Moroctocgog alfa ReFacto Red
Mosunetuzumab Lunsumio Red
Mycophenolate mofetil CellCept Immunosuppressant post transplantation Amber Mycophenolate mofetil Post Transplant Shared Care Guideline
Mycophenolate mofetil CellCept Non transplant indications Amber Mycophenolate mofetil (other non-transplant indications) shared care guideline
Nabilone Red
Nafarelin Synarel When used for treatment of infertility Red
Naltrexone Nalorex Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
NaMuscla® Myotonia Red
Natalizumab Tysabri Red
Necitumumab Portrazza Red
Neratinib Nerlynx Red
Nevirapine Viramune Red
Nilotinib Tasigna Red
Nintedanib Vargatef , Ofev Red
Niraparib Zejula Red
Nivolumab Opdivo Red
Nusinersen Spinraza Red
Obinutuzumab Gazyvaro Red
Ocrelizumab Ocrevus Red
Ocriplasmin Jetrea Red
Octocog alfa Advate Red
Octreotide Sandostatin Palliative Care Amber Octreotide Palliative Care Shared Care Guideline
Octreotide Sandostatin Neuroendocrine tumours and acromegaly. Within licence. Amber Octreotide Endocrinology Shared Care Guideline
Octreotide Sandostatin Outside licence (except Palliative Care) Red
Odevixibat Bylvay Red NEW
Ofatumumab Kesimpta Red
Olanzapine Long Acting Injection Zypadhera Red
Olaparib Lynparza Red
Olaratumab Red
Omalizumab Xolair Red
Osimertinib Tagrisso Red
Ozanimod Zeposia Red
Paclitaxel Red
Padeliporfin Tookad Red
Palbociclib Ibrance Red
Palivizumab Synagis Red
Pamidronate Disodium Aredia Red
Panobinostat Farydak Red
Parathyroid hormone subcutaneous injection Preotact Red
Paritaprevir + ritonavir + ombitasvir Viekirax Red
Paritaprevir + ritonavir + ombitasvir +/- dasabuvir Red
Pasireotide Signifor Red
Patisiran Onpattro Red
Pazopanib Votrient Red
Pegaspargase Oncaspar Red
Pegcetacoplan Aspaveli Red
Pegfilgrastim Neulasta Red
Peginterferon alfa PegIntron, ViraferonPeg, Pegasys Red
Peginterferon beta-1a Plegridy Red
Pegloticase Krystexxa Red
Pegvaliase Palynziq Red
Pegvisomant Somavert Red
Pembrolizumab Kytruda Red
Pemigatinib Pemazyre Red
Penicillamine Distamine Amber Penicillamine Shared Care Guideline
Pentosan polysulfate sodium Red
Pertuzumab Perjeta Red
Phenelzine Nardil Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Phenylbutazone Butacote Red
Pirfenidone Esbriet Red
Pixantrone Pixuvri Red
Plerixafor Mozobil Red
Polatuzumab Polivy Red
Pomalidomide Imnovid Red
Ponatinib Iclusig Red
Ponesimod Ponvory Red
Posaconazole Noxafil Red
Pralsetinib Gavreto Red
Procarbazine Red
Radium Xofigo Red
Raltegravir Isentress Red
Raltegravir + lamivudine Dutrebis Red
Ramucirumab Cyramza Red
Ranibizumab Lucentis Red
Ravulizumab Ultomiris Red
Regorafenib Stivarga Red
Reslizumab Cinqaero Red
Ribavirin Rebetol, Virazole, Copegus Red
Ribociclib Kisqali Red
Rilpivirine Edurant Red
Riluzole Rilutek Amber Riluzole Shared Care Guideline
Riociguat Adempas Red
Ripretinib Quinlock Red
Risankizumab Skyrizi Red
Risdiplam Evrysdi Red
Ritonavir Norvir Red
Rituximab MabThera Red
Romiplostim injection Nplate Red
Romosozumab Red
Ropeginterferon alfa-2b Besremi
Roxadustat Evrenzo Red
Rucaparib Rucaparib Red
Ruxolitinib Jakavi Red
Sacituzumab govitecan Trodelvy Red
Sapropterin Kuvan Red
Saquinavir Invirase Red
Sarilumab Kevzara Red
Sebelipase alfa Kanuma Red
Secukinumab Cosentyx Red
Selexipag Uptravi Red
Selinexor Nexpovio Red
Selpercatinib Retsevmo Red
Selumetinib Koselugo Red
Setmelanotide Imcivree Red
Sildenafil Revatio Pulmonary arterial hypertension Amber Sildenafil Shared Care Guideline
Sildenafil Viagra Erectile dysfunction - severe distress category only Red
Siltuximab Sylvant Red
Simeprevir Olysio Red
Siponimod Mayzent Red
Sirolimus Rapamune Amber Sirolimus Shared Care Guideline
Sodium clodronate Bonefos IV only; hypercalcaemia of malignancy Red
Sodium oxybate Xyrem Red
Sodium phenylbutyrate Ammonaps Amber GP Information Sheet
Sofosbuvir Solvadi Red
Sofosbuvir + ledipasvir Harvoni Red
Sofosbuvir + velpatasvir Epclusa Red
Sofosbuvir + voxilaprevir + velpatasvir Vosevi Red
Somapacitan Sogroya Amber Shared Care Guideline In Development
Somatrogon Ngenla Amber Shared Care Guideline In Development NEW
Somatropin Genotropin, Norditropin, Humatrope, Saizen, Zomacton Amber Somatropin Shared Care Guideline
Sonidegib Odomzo Red
Sorafenib Nexavar Red
Sotorasib Lumykras Red
Stiripentol Diacomit Amber GP Information sheet
Sulfasalazine Salazopyrin Amber Sulfasalazine Shared Care Guideline
Sunitinib Sutent Red
Tacrolimus Prograf Immunosuppressant post transplantation Amber Tacrolimus Post Transplant Shared Care Guideline
Tacrolimus Prograf Non-transplant indications Amber Tacrolimus Non-Transplant Shared Care Guideline
Tadalafil Adcirca Pulmonary arterial hypertension Amber Tadalafil Shared Care Guideline
Tadalafil Cialis Erectile dysfunction - severe distress category only Red
Tafamidis Vyndaqel Red
Tafasitamab Minjuvi Red
Talazoparib Talzenna Red
Talimogene laherparepvec Imlygic Red
Tebentafusp Kimmtrak Red
Teclistamab Tecvayli Red
Tedizolid Sivextro Red
Teduglutide Revestive Red
Tegafur with gimeracil and oteracil Teysuno Red
Tegafur with uracil Uftoral Red
Teicoplanin Targocid Red
Telaprevir Incivo Red
Telbivudine Sebivo Red
Telotristat Xermelo Red
Temozolomide Temodal Red
Tenofovir Viread Red
Tenofovir, alafenamide, elvitegravir, cobicistat + emtricitabine Genvoya Red
Tepotinib Tepmetko Red
Teriflunomide Aubagio Red
Teriparatide Forsteo Red
Testosterone Amber Testosterone Shared Care Guideline
Tezacaftor with Ivacaftor Symkevi Red
Tezepelumab Tezspire Red NEW
Thalidomide Pharmion Red
Thioridazine Red
Tildrakizumab Ilumetri Red
Tinzaparin Sodium Innohep Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Tioguanine Lanvis Red
Tipiracil + trifluridine Lonsurf Red
Tipranavir Aptivus Red
Tivozanib Fotivda Red
Tobramycin Tobi, Nebcin IV or nebulised Red
Tocilizumab RoActemra Red
Tofacitinib Xeljanz Red
Tolcapone Tasmar Amber Tolcapone Shared Care Guideline
Tolvaptan Samsca, Jinarc Red
Topotecan Hycamtin Red
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN Solutions) Red
Tralokinumab Adtralza Red
Trametinib Mekinist Red
Tranylcypromine Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Trastuzumab Herceptin, including Herceptin SC Red
Trastuzumab deruxtecan Enhertu Red
Trastuzumab emtansine Kadcyla Red
Treosulfan Red
Treprostinil Red
Tretinoin Vesanoid Red
Trientine Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Triptorelin Decapeptyl, Gonapeptyl, Salvacyl When used for treatment of infertility Red
Tucatinib Tukysa Red
Turoctocog alfa NovoEight Red
Ulipristal (as Esmya) Uterine fibroids Amber Shared Care Guideline in development
Unlicensed Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use (CBPM) Licensed CBPMs are considered separately under their Brand Names. > A cannabis-based medicine must meet the definition of the 2018 No 173 The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment No 2) Regulations (Northern Ireland). > If it is not a licensed medicine (UK) the CBPM should meet the definition of a special medicinal product and be for use in accordance with a prescription or direction of a specialist medical practitioner Red
Upadacitinib Rinvoq Red
Ustekinumab Stelara Red
Valganciclovir Valcyte Red
Vandetanib Caprelsa Red
Vardenafil Levitra Erectile dysfunction - severe distress category only Red
Vedolizumab Entyvio Red
Velaglucerase alfa VPRIV Red
Vemurafenib Zelboraf Red
Venetoclax Venclyxto Red
Venlafaxine Efexor Only considered specialist medicine (Amber category) at doses greater than 300mg daily Amber No Shared Care Guideline Required (Click for info)
Vestronidase Mepsevii Red
Vinorelbine Navelbine Red
Vismodegib Erivedge Red
Volanesorsen Waylivra Red
Vonicog alfa Veyvondi Red
Voriconazole Vfend Red
Warfarin Amber sub-group Local Arrangements For Shared Care May Apply
Zanubrutinib Brukinsa Red
Zidovudine Retrovir Red
Zidovudine with lamivudine Combivir Red
Zoledronic acid Aclasta, Zometa Red

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