Shared Care

List of all Shared Care Guidelines and GP Information Sheets

Every care is taken to ensure that the advice contained in these guidelines and information sheets is believed to represent best practice at the time of publication. It is policy to revise the guidelines as new developments occur, but it may not be possible to do this at the time of such changes and theĀ guidelines should always be used with due regard to current acceptable practice.

Shared Care Guidelines

TitleDescriptionDate addedDownload
Alirocumab (GP Information Sheet) Dec-2020 Preview
Amiodarone CardiologyMar-2022 Preview
Apomorphine NeurologyJun-2023 Preview
Atomoxetine Feb-2022 Preview
Azathioprine Post Solid Organ TransplantFeb-2022 Preview
Azathioprine Adult (Non-transplant) Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Haematology / Neurology / Respiratory / Rheumatology / Immunology / OphthalmologyJun-2023 Preview
Azathioprine Paediatric & Adolescent (Non-transplant) Dermatology / Gastroenterology / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Betaine (GP Information Sheet) Mar-2021 Preview
Cabergoline EndocrinologySep-2018 Preview
Cabergoline NeurologyJun-2023 Preview
Ciclosporin Post Solid Organ TransplantFeb-2022 Preview
Ciclosporin (non-transplant) Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Haematology / Immunology / Neurology / Ophthalmology / Respiratory / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Cinacalcet Endocrinology / RenalSep-2018 Preview
Clomifene FertilityDec-2018 Preview
Colistimethate RespiratoryJul-2020 Preview
Cyclophosphamide Dermatology / Immunology / Nephrology / Neurology / Respiratory / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Dapsone Dermatology / ImmunologyJun-2023 Preview
Demeclocycline SIADHSep-2020 Preview
Denosumab OsteoporosisSep-2022 Preview
Dexamfetamine ADHDFeb-2022 Preview
Dimethyl Fumarate DermatologyMar-2020 Preview
Dronedarone CardiologyMar-2022 Preview
Enoxaparin Low Molecular Weight HeparinJun-2020 Preview
Erenumab (GP Information Sheet) Feb-2022 Preview
Evolocumab (GP Information Sheet) Lipids / cardiologyDec-2020 Preview
Fremanezumab (GP Information Sheet) Jun-2022 Preview
Galcanezumab (GP Information Sheet) Feb-2022 Preview
Glycerol Phenylbutyrate (GP Information Sheet) Mar-2021 Preview
Grazax (GP Information Sheet) Sep-2022 Preview
Growth Hormone (Somatropin) EndocrinologySep-2018 Preview
Guanfacine ADHDFeb-2022 Preview
Hydroxycarbamide Dermatology / HaematologyJun-2023 Preview
Hydroxychloroquine Dermatology / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Ketamine Palliative careAug-2023 Preview
Lanreotide EndocrinologySep-2018 Preview
Leflunomide RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Liothyronine EndocrinologyDec-2022 Preview
Lisdexamfetamine ADHDFeb-2022 Preview
Lithium Mental Health / NeurologyJun-2024 Preview
Melatonin PaediatricsJun-2023 Preview
Mercaptopurine GastroenterologyJun-2023 Preview
Methotrexate Oral Adult Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Immunology / Neurology / Ophthalmology / Respiratory / RheumatologyJun-2024 Preview
Methotrexate Oral Paediatric & Adolescent Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Ophthalmology / RheumatologyJun-2024 Preview
Methotrexate Subcutaneous Adult Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Ophthalmology / RheumatologyJun-2024 Preview
Methotrexate Subcutaneous Paediatric & Adolescent Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Ophthalmology / RheumatologyJun-2024 Preview
Methylphenidate ADHDFeb-2022 Preview
Mexiletine CardiologyJun-2024 Preview
Mycophenolate (non-transplant) Dermatology / Gastroenterology / Immunology / Haematology / Neurology / Ophthalmology / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Mycophenolate mofetil Post solid organ transplantFeb-2022 Preview
Octreotide Palliative careAug-2023 Preview
Octreotide EndocrinologySep-2018 Preview
Penicillamine RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Riluzole NeurologyJun-2023 Preview
Sildenafil CardiologyJun-2024 Preview
Sirolimus Post solid organ transplantFeb-2022 Preview
Sodium Phenylbutyrate (GP Information Sheet) Mar-2021 Preview
Stiripentol (GP Information Sheet) NeurologyMar-2021 Preview
Sulfasalazine Gastroenterology / RheumatologyJun-2023 Preview
Tacrolimus Post solid organ transplantSep-2022 Preview
Tacrolimus (Non-transplant) Non-transplantJun-2023 Preview
Tadalafil CardiologyMar-2022 Preview
Testosterone EndocrinologySep-2018 Preview
Tolcapone NeurologyJun-2023 Preview