Consultation: Shared Care Guideline for Agomelatine (used in the treatment of depression) - response requested by 21st August 2020


Dear colleague,

You are invited to participate in the consultation of the new regional Shared Care Guideline (SCG) for Agomelatine.  SCGs are intended to detail the respective clinical responsibilities of the Specialist and the GP when the medication is prescribed by the GP on the recommendation of a Specialist.

The draft guideline, developed by the SCG development group on behalf of the Regional Group on Specialist Medicines (HSCB) is available to view at the link below:

Link to DRAFT Agomelatine Shared Care Guideline

A summary of the guideline development group membership is available at the following link:

Link to summary of group membership

Please cascade this email on to any colleagues in your Trust or Primary Care networks who may have an interest in commenting on this draft SCG. For those who chair networks we would welcome comments from your members or key colleagues. You may be able to facilitate this within your scheduled network meetings but if not, we would request that these drafts are shared with individual members as part of the consultation.

We would appreciate if you could give this draft your consideration and return any comments electronically to richard.lennon@setrust.hscni.net and ian.carrington@northerntrust.hscni.net by the 21st August 2020. A template for listing any comments you may have is available at the link below:

Link to comments submission template

Thank you.


Richard Lennon and Ian Carrington
Interface Pharmacist Network, Specialist Medicines